Blade Selection Guide

Saw quick selection guide


Machine For cutting Granite & Quartz For cutting Sintered Materials
Fixed rpm saw BARRY SALVE
Variable rpm saw RIA, JOREN WENDY, PASCAL



We support Stone masons or marble and granite businesses with specific advice for the optimization of their sawing process. We examine aspects such as the ideal water supply, condition of the saw bed, the square position of the saw blade, etc.

Wodiam Visits
If you would like a visit from a technical engineer from Wodiam please contact Visits around the UK with a Wodiam technical engineer will take place every 2 months and will have limited availability on a first come first served basis.

The right saw cut

The right saw cut pays for itself over and over again. It is the basis for the efficient course of the further production process. Otherwise you lose a great deal of time and money on polishing.

The diamond saws we develop and produce ourselves only achieve excellent results in combination with a perfectly set sawing machine.
* Personal analysis and attendance during first bringing into use is a free service in the Benelux, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Denmark. For other countries we offer remote advice and support by means of videos and instructions by mail.

From the diamond purchase to diamond saw installation

Wodiam has the entire production chain in its own hands, from the purchase of the diamond up to and including the installation of the diamond saw. Everything is made in Europe with development by ourselves in Belgium.
This total approach offers a unique quality guarantee. It also gives us the flexibility to adapt the segments in line with specific needs.